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Why are we in DRIP mode and what can we do about it?

Being Data Rich, Information Poor (DRIP) can be frustrating and costly, and projects can get to this unenviable state in many different ways.

The first misstep that often leads to DRIPiness is a basic misunderstanding of the role of web analytics packages and of the web analytics practices that use these packages. Simply collecting data does not equip you with any actionable intel about your project, your users, or your organization. To get all that actionable intelligence, you need to analyze the data on an ongoing basis and to experiment as much as possible with your web presence to look for opportunities to refine the results reported by your analytics collection efforts.

A second common misstep is the belief that an understanding of analytics in general and even more specifically, an understanding of what your analytics are telling you about your own project, will somehow empower you to make the next series of business decisions in a more informed manner, and to become inherently more successful. However, to get to an ever improving decision-making process, you need one more key ingredient to avoid the DRIPs: SMART Goals (Specific/Significant, Measurable, Attainable/Achievable, Relevant/Realistic, and Time Bound). Quality goals will enable you to better leverage your analytics data by telling you how to get to specific levels of achievement (your goals), rather than simply report current status.

By addressing these two oft encountered challenges, scant analysis of incoming data and a commitment to SMART goals, the DRIPies can often be avoided. But remember to stay vigilant. Goals can stagnate, so they need to be revisited, and analyses can be invalidated, so they need to be refreshed.