Gilad Ehven

Hello, I’m Gilad.

I live in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA), but I work anywhere the web will take me.

I work with businesses and nonprofits to scale their WordPress projects to true “enterprise” potential. With an Enterprise WordPress operation, you can do more with your existing staff. You can run any number of websites, interactive applications, mobile apps, social media and marketing instruments, online education outlets, e-commerce, and more.

In my work, I engage with project owners and stakeholders, with site users and authors, and with web geeks and coders. Some of these fine folks are right here in Pittsburgh, many are elsewhere in the US, and I even get to work with a few overseas.

Yes, I’m very busy.

And yes, I have a lot of fun.

When not knee-deep in the latest WordPress adventure, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, long walks on the beach, chocolate, and beer. Actually, I really don’t like the beach. Too much sand. But I do love all these others, especially when I can enjoy them together.

There’s a little more about me here. Of course, if there is anything further you’d like to know, please do contact me any time.