Hello, I'm Gilad. I'm an IT Creative, Solutions Architect, Communicator, Marketer, Design Enthusiast, Mentor and Best Practices Evangelist.

I'm an IT Creative, Solutions Architect, Communicator, Marketer, Design Enthusiast, Mentor and Best Practices Evangelist.

I have many work related interests...

Business Process Automation

Do more with less and faster than ever before. Business automation is not just for resolving issues with complex processes or skill deficits. The benefits are legion even when your objective is to rise rather than only repair.

Agility and Responsiveness

Agile design and development process. Agile design surfaces and development tools. Agile communication practices. Your responsiveness to opportunity as well as to threat improves, often dramatically, in direct response to your investments in agility.

Mentoring and Motivation

Caring management is critical, but add motivational leadership and mentoring and see how much stronger the organization can become!


You have your own standards and you should absolutely continue to invest as required to uphold them. And when you fold in industry standards, professional standards and the standards of key applicable disciplines, your own standards will become stronger and easier to instill.

Human Centered Implementation

Virtually every measure of your success depends upon human acceptance of your efforts. By focusing your design efforts, leadership, communications and every other aspect of your implementation process on human needs instead of conceptual purities, you can plan more effectively and deliver in the real world.

Consumer Confidence

We all know that buyer confidence is critical to our bottom line. And if we measure this confidence, we can also learn a great deal about where to go next.

Outsourcing and Partnerships

Extend your reach, reduce your risk and leverage expertise you can't afford to maintain in-house with strategic partnerships and outsourcing relationships.

Accountability and Transparency

There's more to being accountable and transparent than publishing reports and building dashboards. Your organizational culture needs to reflect these principles as foundational goals. And when you commit, your staff will feel safer, your customers will feel more confident and your community will feel involved.


The rights of your staff, your clients, and your clients' customers are more than meer obligation. They're an opportunity to transform your brand into a household name.

Safety and Security

Your assets and processes will always be threatened. Proper attention to their protection and stability will position you to succeed rather than just survive.


There are legal risks in ignoring accessibility, but compliance affords much more than regulatory shielding. Investment in accessibility also opens the door to additional branding, PR and earnings opportunities.

Open Source

Well implemented and supported open source technologies allow you get affordable help when you need it, tailor and tweak your environment as you wish and even change direction if and when you must.

DevOps and CoE/TCoE

Mentoring, process automation, training and knowledge sharing, transparency, agility and devotion to standards are all great ideas. With an empowered DevOps practice or modern CoE/TCoE, you can formalize these and other great ideas. And this formality will allow your organization to continue to benefit from existing investments in process well into the future.

Facial Hair

See my portrait above for a little clarity on this one. Just checking to see if you're still paying attention.

And I've worked for and with many wonderful outfits...

So, when you're ready to talk about working with me...

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